Oklahoma City, it’s been an incredible ten years! You have taught us, mentored us, partnered with us, and loved our neighbors so well. We are grateful for each and every one of you who has made this decade possible.

We have much to be thankful for. Together, we’ve made thousands of grocery deliveries to homebound neighbors, launched neighborhood food cooperatives to make a sustainable impact in food insecurity, supported hundreds of teachers with classroom resources, mobilized thousands of Christ-followers to action through seminars and conferences, and given furniture, vehicles, household goods, and more to thousands of new neighbors in the resettled refugee community.

These are absolutely things we remember when we reflect on the past ten years. But the things that will forever be etched into our spirits are:

Ten years of first meals with a new neighbor from across the world, knowing we are now family.
Ten years of sitting at the feet of our wise elderly neighbors when we deliver their groceries each month.
Ten years of the joy that comes with meeting an emergency need for educators and easing their load.
Ten years of being present for the exact moment when someone comes alive to their Kingdom calling.
Ten years of weeping.
Ten years of rejoicing.
Ten years of hope.

We are honored to partner with you in knowing, loving, and valuing our neighbors. Here's to the next ten years!


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